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Types Of Lesbians At The Club | Arielle Scarcella

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The lesbian dating scene is drama filled and fun. Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta http://instagram.com/djnikkilions Vagina Lips Vs No Lips : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk-RpzWfX1Y WHERE TO FIND ARIELLE Private Session With Arielle : http://ariellescarcella.com Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB Vine : https://vine.co/ArielleScarcella T Shirts : http://bit.ly/ArielleTShirts Bracelets : http://bit.ly/GfBfBeads Tumblr : http://bit.ly/ArielleTumblr Snail Mail : GirlfriendsTV P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected] _ Not for Profit Channel GIRLFRIENDSTV YouTube : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends Website : http://GfsBfs.com/Donate
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Wasabi Noodle (20 hours ago)
I was actually disappointed 😑 at how short this one was I was expecting details.
jontibloom (3 months ago)
so lesbians are just as gossipy and bitchy as women in general ……I guess I shouldn't be surprised and yet I am
Amber Ianetti (6 months ago)
Samantha Gomez (6 months ago)
I know this video is old but hopefully someone will help lmao! Where is a bomb ass gay club in like LA or like WeHo that’s 18+
Luis Lomeli (7 months ago)
Face it girls. You want a girl with a real heterosexual brain. That will make love perfect.
Luis Lomeli (7 months ago)
To all of our gay, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, friends, etc., for us to regain control of the devil we must destroy the Judeo-Christians, like the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld triad that killed half a million Muslims for being “non Christians.” If we tear down their false religion, we shall all be free. They depend on that l0% Tax (tithe) to exist. They need sin, guild and shame to exist. We express God’s sexuality and God’s sexuality is HGLBTQ. Please read what God inspired to us through Alpha Omega 65. We represent God and you. Christians have tried to kill us for fighting for you. A few of our members have died for you. We don’t mind dying for you. You don’t have to die for us. The sooner we destroy their man-made Bible, the sooner we succeed, that book has some sacred text but most of the text is rubbish. But please learn to love yourself just like God made you! Alpha Omega 65, God’s party. Follow up on Facebook under the same Lomeli logo. You have no idea who is protecting us, besides God. The Sinaloa cartels are our soldiers. In reality, you want a heterosexual brain to do you in or to receive you. Love is between two. Let’s begin to celebrate what we are and to destroy those who do not wish us well or happiness. Love is between two, whether two humans, two pets or two trees.
Luis Lomeli (7 months ago)
Homosexuality is God’s creation no different than a person’s brown skin or blue eyes. Since the creation of superstition that is the Judeo-Christian religion, the homosexual has suffered great psychological injury, humiliation, shame and guilt. The medical profession has been guilty of the same. Medicine has partnered with religion because gender dysphoria is profitable. To become free of such ignorance, we must recognize that the Judeo-Christian religion does not represent God but that it is a business in search of revenue to support its vices and its sins that most of us know all know too well. No religion has a monopoly on God; it would be unwise or ignorant to think that God excludes the Muslim, the Hindu or the Buddhist. The most evolved human brains have discarded religion because the biblical fiction is readily evident as in the story of Adam and Eve which implies incest, in the falsehood that a woman comes from a male’s rib, that Lot offered his virginal daughters to the mob outside his home to do whatever to them sexually but to leave his guests alone and later Lot daughters got their father drunk to rape him and “to become pregnant by father.” Other follies include Noah’s Ark, that the world is less than 10,000 years old, that Sara (Abraham’s wife) became pregnant at age 90 years, that Abraham was asked by “god” to burn his son Isaac alive as a sacrifice but “god” changed his mind at the last second (Isn’t that child abuse?) Abraham’s covenant with “god” that required him to cut off his foreskin and even forced that brutal operation onto his slaves is at best rubbish. What’s there sacred about this stupid story that Hitler exploited to kill many Jews? There are many victims in the Bible. For being wicked “god” killed Tamara’s first husband but no explanation was given about his wickedness. Tamara was then forced to marry the next brother who “god” killed for wasting his seed (discarded his sperm outside the vagina). This why religion tries to deny our children a normal physiologic need, masturbation while the Pope and the priest freely masturbate or enter each other. By denying us masturbation, religion sought to grow vertically in order to gain members to exploit to the point that religion has caused global warming and has put Puerto Rico under the sea and is now bankrupt. Later, poor Tamara ended up becoming pregnant by her father-in-law who sexed her in a seemingly ‘brothel’ without even removing her veil. Mark Twain considered the Bible a “horrific” book that all children should be kept from or would risk suffering mental dropsy or injury. Isaac Newton discarded the idea of the trilogy. Einstein believed in God but not in the bible’s little “god.” These writings have all to do with our real God, the one that includes all humans, pets and trees. In order to give the homosexual the respect and admiration he deserves and to protect a woman’s reproductive rights, my grandfather felt that the Bible should be made illegal and buried so that these superstitions would begin to die as they should have after our Lord Jesus died. Since Jesus’s death, religion has become diabolic. Since society and medical schools have not had the courage to say that a homosexual child is born as such, they have allowed the ignorant in our society and religion to attack his very sacred being. Prenatally, parents must be asked, “How would you handle it if your child is born gay?” in order to protect him from abuse. Homosexuality does not really occur naturally meaning that like does not attract like. The brain is the human sex organ and it is either male or female irrespective of the body. In other words, the body and the brain can be discordant for divine reasons. Most heterosexual men have the desire or actually love to penetrate their wives anally. The anal-rectal area is also sexual and can be more sensitive and erotic than the vagina. The vagina was made less sensitive to lessen the pain associated with child birthing. For that reason, the clitoris was placed outside the vagina. While some may argue that the anus is to discard waste, is the mouth used only for eating? The anus was made strong, very strong, in order to serve its function as a sexual receptacle while making the rectum up to l5 cm long for that same purpose. When a child finds out that he is homosexual and that he is driven to certain desires or to enjoy anal penetration, he may become riddled with guilt that religion may exploit for the dime or his parents may cause him to feel shameful or dirty. Sex is not just for birthing. It is also to form bonding relationships between two humans. Love between brains of opposing gender is most natural. Brains of the same gender repel each other. Many heterosexual males and females would actually enjoy “homosexual” relationships but religion has denied them that natural right. In terms of such love, we are two thousand years behind but it is coming! When young gay men begin to have sex, their only activity is sexual with very little brain (emotional) love. In other words, they are expressing a physical need but they cannot fulfill the emotional need because brain homosexuality does not readily allow it. We were not made in God’s image and to say so makes us sound really stupid. We don’t even know what Jesus looked like! God is an invisible force that creates great magic around us. We express God’s sexuality in our many forms, HGLBTQ. If we could not feel or see the effects of gravity, could we prove its existence? Nothing here is superstition. As scientists begin to study these ideas, they’ll find them to be true. The time has come to discard the Judeo-Christian religion and bring peace to the Middle East. We don’t have to say, “I am a Christian” to imply “I am a good person.” Religion has a dark history that cannot be ignored or forgotten. The Catholic Church burned men alive for reading the Bible in English; it castrated over 100,000 children for their voices. God is! God exists! But what they have offered to us as representing God has been a superstitious fraud. It has been morally criminal. God is God. Alpha Omega 65 represents God to the world. Whatever you hold sacred, you can bring that to our temple and you can correct us if you feel we are wrong about something or some concept. Our reality is God’s. This is not a Judeo-Christian folly. (Young boy, if sticking a carrot up your butt excites you, go for it! Young girl, if you find yourself falling in love with a girl, you won’t be sinning but make sure she agrees with you and go for it.)
Jennifer Thomas (9 months ago)
I would like to hang out with you guys
THE BAFF (11 months ago)
butch lesbians are hot tho... and they aren't creepy. I love them
Ginger Stones (11 months ago)
I dont know why I am stalking girls I should change "-"
Celeste D (1 year ago)
degenerate whores
Michelle Castro (1 year ago)
she looks like corin tucker from sleater-kinney
360 Perspective (1 year ago)
even though you're friends I still SHIPP youuuus toooo
serena180 (1 year ago)
serena180 (1 year ago)
hi is a exscuse not to b lesbian only if u date guys to ewww turn off then u shouldn't b allowed with hot women after then
serena180 (1 year ago)
hottest lesbians together is. the 1s in dresses and skirts I know cause I do it
serena180 (1 year ago)
her and her friend so hot together I see nothing wrong with them dateing who cares about guys the sexist discrimination against lesbians world talks about www guys enough finally a girl only video
peter H Peter Hull (1 year ago)
Arielle, this was another cool video of yours your videos are colorful and lively and you seem to really know your club scene!
Golda Aiwekhoe (1 year ago)
Yesterday I have been to my first gay pride evah...this video is so true cause I ended up kissing I don't know how many girls just cause I have an Italian accent,exotic girls are attractive apparently
Dani Smith (1 year ago)
To late all already shipped XD
Azict aws (1 year ago)
otp otp
armst012 (1 year ago)
Wait you have the stones to make YT videos but don't want to approach women at bars.. I call BS, I think you don't wanna put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable going up to girls. Its easier to sit on the sidelines, chill and not take risks.. Meanwhile someone else can take the risk of putting themselves out there, put themselves at risk of getting rejected and having a shit night, vs you who never takes the risk and never has to worry about it..
. Morbo (1 year ago)
she looks like faith from buffy
Sophia Kopasakis (1 year ago)
I am the one where I'm really Mediterranean looking and feminine and I love dancing like it's the end of my life
xxtyler626xx (1 year ago)
Where you the older lesbos supposed to go???
jennifer merlini (2 years ago)
great music choice!! COLOMBIA
Whenever I go to gay club with my friends(soms gay, some straight) it's always same situation. Girls hit more on my straight best friend cause she is fun, outgoing and basically very extroverted, life of the party. While my other straight bff and I are just kind of in the corner, kind of but not really dancing and being our weird introverted self
kuzushi sakuraba (2 years ago)
There is no such thing as a Gay or Lesbian its called Demonic possession . A girl demon posseses a guy an a guy demon posseses a girl .
I thought demons and angels were supposed to be genderless. Something tells me you're making this up.
Lexis Grey (1 year ago)
GrayOrca Love your answer 😂 I'll steal that line 👌😂
masoprince (2 years ago)
GrayOrca (2 years ago)
kuzushi sakuraba Then what's possessing a bisexual?
EchoTheBlackFox (2 years ago)
My Name Is Glitter (2 years ago)
There are no lesbian bars or clubs in Portland, OR :(
Amaretto Punsch (1 year ago)
Kaitlin Sanders İ have seen you two times and you are Hella cute
lovedelena98 (2 years ago)
Kaitlin S you will find the lesbians at Providence Park, checking out Tobin Heath
My Name Is Glitter (2 years ago)
What! Then where do lesbians hang out in San Fran :(( I was gonna drive down
FemaleObserver (2 years ago)
hate your videos, you can't be taken seriously, you've got good titles but nothing but trashy talk and just for teen-agers, hope i don't get to open more of these kinds of videos but the more mature ones that can be taken seriously
Sandra Hoffman (2 years ago)
you are Hilarious!!!! <3
S M. (2 years ago)
reallly like your vidéo but I dont understand very well, if you can translate in french its Will be goood. kiss
John Null (2 years ago)
If I as a heterosexual male wanted to self identify as a lesbian woman would they let me into the club?
9INER EMPIRE (8 months ago)
John Null yea, they'll let you in but I doubt if your what their looking for. lol
They would because you have a sense of humor.
Amanda Milo (2 years ago)
+John Null LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!
pretty peacock (2 years ago)
+John Null good one...
Shu So (2 years ago)
lmao, straight best friend? that's my wing woman.
Shane Shore (2 years ago)
eney bi or lesbian girls want to chat with me
randomuser1105 (2 years ago)
+Shane Shore Nope.
Shane Shore (2 years ago)
Lesbians and bi girls are the best thing on this planet, I just wish I new some
randomuser1105 (2 years ago)
+Shane Shore But the lesbians don't want you...
Rebecca Mmm (2 years ago)
I would scope you Arielle.
Clare Doherty (2 years ago)
Loved this one
MissLEAHneous — (2 years ago)
jennifer merlini (2 years ago)
I know!! i got exited too!!! mi tierra querida LOL
XXIV Herut (2 years ago)
LOL ikr ! they hit us with the Vallenato! ❤ def wasn't expecting that xD
gim zack (2 years ago)
lesbian satanic illuminati agenda
randomuser1105 (2 years ago)
+Luqman Hakim Lol!
SanaOsniva (2 years ago)
great now i am scared to go by myself....
Lina (2 years ago)
+SanaOsniva don't be! it's totally fine!
No Stop (2 years ago)
Why does everyone hate butch? Oh my fucking God.
EchoTheBlackFox (2 years ago)
+X Xp Basically you think everyone should turn into Barbie
No Stop (2 years ago)
+X X gtfo moron
No Stop (2 years ago)
+Jolanye Fuentes gender doesn't have a look.
No Stop (2 years ago)
+Jolanye Fuentes you don't know what a guy looks like. Guys are not the only ones allowed to look masculine.
No Stop (2 years ago)
+Jolanye Fuentes like guys? Ugh, you're a lesbian? What an embarrassment. Last time I checked, it wasn't a sin to look more masculine than the usual female and butch girls don't have dicks. You should know that.
Lovett Jarrett (2 years ago)
preach !
Raven Night (2 years ago)
What's the name of the outro song?
Nawaf Al (2 years ago)
Darude - Sandstorm :)
Potatoe Queen (2 years ago)
"what you're sitting on someone's face ~😏"
ReinSman100 (2 years ago)
Do lesbians ever date guys. Just asking.
randomuser1105 (2 years ago)
+ReinSman100 Dating men is the definition of being a lesbian.
forsure 17 (2 years ago)
are you retarded
Stud Baby (2 years ago)
Tyler Allen (2 years ago)
is it weard that i am strait and i still watch her
Nawaf Al (2 years ago)
Nope! I think it's weird if you are a gay male. I'm not a lesbian, and I don't find women attractive, so I don't know why I'm here... lol
Paris (2 years ago)
+Tyler Allen hello straight friend
Kevsho (2 years ago)
que horror!!!
Esther Palenschat (3 years ago)
or like me.... just go to hang with friends. No game. Don't care. I might dance. I might not. ha! Still fun!
Claudio Carranza (3 years ago)
starryian007 (3 years ago)
She a lesbian because she is absolutely UGGERS!
starryian007 (3 years ago)
What lesbian's do is NOT 'fucking' As much as you keep trying to push that word you are completely misusing it.
nikie looks like a chipmunk... am I the only one who thinks that?
Gail Mattew (3 years ago)
this is just my opinion... but i think the first lesbian couple is Sarah and Adrianna or... my eyes is just playing tricks
Gabriela Scramignan (3 years ago)
sunstream4 (3 years ago)
Nikki looks so much like Elisha Dushku <3
Kylie SingsSongs (3 years ago)
Just saying, Ariella's shirt is see through. Just in case no one noticed
Polina Vulakh (3 years ago)
the content is really funny but it's not okay to share videos of these people at the club without their consent. if they know that they've been filmed and consented to participating in this video, that's different. if not, then ://
flareontoast (3 years ago)
I think she went to a club with a few friends to film these things specifically^^ she does that for her skits
Talea Simmons (3 years ago)
so I'm either the new one or the butch lesbian no one cares about in the corner LOL i hate my life
mariacanol (3 years ago)
mariacanol (3 years ago)
Is it Colombian music as background ? Nice and Funny !
ALIZEE LILLY (3 years ago)
You/d be a lot cuter if every other word out of your mouth WASN'T FUK  :)
Toya Salmon (3 years ago)
+s tarryian007
starryian007 (3 years ago)
+ALIZEE LILLY She think she sounds cool when she does it when in reality she sounds like a total dork.
Monroeville Suicides (3 years ago)
JustmeNici (3 years ago)
I'm going to a gay bar for the first time in my life with two of my friends, and even though I have never come out to them, I truly believe they know I'm gay. Secretly I hope that one other friend of theirs will be there top. I know she is gay and I already had a crush on her before she even came out and I don't see her very often, so I just hope to be able to see her more and maybe even develop something more :$
Olivia Walker (3 years ago)
Forgot straight lesbian. You know, the drunk straight girl that's always at a gay bar. And there fILLED WITH THEM. FILLED. FILLLLLLLED.
Rachael Leigh (3 years ago)
I actually don't mind those girls that kiss in the middle of a bunch of people, it's actually hot unlike the girls that are so overly protective of each other that they don't know how to enjoy anything.
Gregory Birtles-Crute (3 years ago)
So what your saying is its just like any other club  lol Lesbians are just normal people thank god and finally with a right to marry
Sebastian Michaelis (3 years ago)
Illuminati shirt spotted!!!
orando15 (3 years ago)
Lol in 1.56 when she said Those Bitchs Have Been In The Game way To long made me laugh while I was drinking water.
grace (3 years ago)
Bye felicia
Carmen Penelope (3 years ago)
this is so creepy! you can't just go into a club and take videos of people without their consent! gtfo!!
quinn (3 years ago)
more random butch hate, really cool
No Stop (2 years ago)
+randomuser1105 because they look like or try hard to be "men" but who said men are the only ones allowed to look masculine?
randomuser1105 (2 years ago)
+Leanna Shahbazian I love butch. Not sure what all the hate is about either. It might depend on where you are because I've heard of femmes with the same problem.
primalfigure (2 years ago)
+Leanna Shahbazian I always feel like it's representative of the "new lgbt" order. Butch is seen as masculine, therefore evil, I guess??? In a certain age demographic, I find it highly stigmatized. Teenage to 29 year old women, particularly. I think, as a community we should endeavor to embrace all types of self-definition in the sense of there is no "right way to be".
No Stop (2 years ago)
I don't understand why people keep hating on butch....
Myllie Tunes (3 years ago)
Lord. I always take one of my straight guy friends to the club.. since.. well.. he got me my girlfriend last time..maybe it can happen again..  or.. like last time, he ends up ripping his pants and starts partying in my dress all night.
Em Jay (3 years ago)
nice top!!!
MsDianeFL (3 years ago)
So True!
Lauren Jackson (3 years ago)
im totally the butch one who thinks they are cool but no one notices them!!! hahahahaha
GHOSTCHASER01 (3 years ago)
fane babanu (3 years ago)
Are gay girls into money like straight girls? How important is for a gay girl that the potential partner to have money ? Also how often do you see young beautiful gay girls to go with old ugly gay women because she have money ?
Lorraine (3 years ago)
So accurate lol
Tima xo (3 years ago)
Whats your horoscope arielle?
cottonclouds (3 years ago)
In new york all the femme lesbians hook up with each other on the dancefloor and then there's me lurking on the outskirts trying to get drunk enough to approach them -_-
Alecia McMenamin (3 years ago)
I am a lesbian and these vids are useful for me so thnx for all ur awesome vids
Ryling Lee (3 years ago)
ewww tomboy 每次都抢风头的 T,T  要穿manly 些 才可以吸引注意~XS
Valentina Gibby (3 years ago)
you got that butch part down to a T!
elvia aray (3 years ago)
And I didn't noticed but there is vallenato in the video omg! Jajajjajaja okkkk, verlas bailar esa vaina, dios meo
elvia aray (3 years ago)
Where I live is like gay people doesn't exist, pretty boring I have to tell, I'm not a lesbian but I support lgbt community a lot! And I don't know, I do have gay male friends but all of them are closet ones, gay bars and stuff, that just don't exist in here sadly, (sorry for my horrible English)
Maya Arroyo Burton (3 years ago)
Ahhhh it's Nikki.... Love her.
Maya Arroyo Burton (3 years ago)
+Nikki Lions​ Awww honey thank you. I'm doing well. Aww love ya.. Muahz. Gotta come out so I can listen to your amazing DJ skills. As usual 😆😍😙
Sonic RainBitch (3 years ago)
God, you are gorgeous!!
What kidds like (3 years ago)
What is the name of the theme song
Olga Lu (3 years ago)
how did you discover vallenato?
Minerva Caballero (3 years ago)
Thats good💏
xRiley781x (3 years ago)
And now I can't stop laughing!
Helen Quiem (3 years ago)
Where you guys at a Latin club??? Cause that's everything I see at the Latin clubs here
TheLun4tic (3 years ago)
can you decode that one for me: In a club there is a very hot lesbian that knows how to dance and dances with a very very ugly male of whoom I don't know if he is straight. What's your guess?
DJ BOPEEP (3 years ago)
The old lady hitting on the fresh meat ....totally happen to me lol the whole night free drinks!!!!! Lol
RealityCheck6T9 (3 years ago)
I'm curious, why are you abusing your friend by banging her head into the bed? If a guy did that to another guy just once it'd kick the fuck off
Lord Beerus (3 years ago)
+Arielle Scarcella this is a question which I wouldn't mind you doing a video on it. If you haven't already. Do straight guys hate butch girls? They like the feminine lesbians but hate the butch types. Esp the black guys who seem to hate butch..? Second question why straight guys have no problem fighting a butch lesbian? I seem a guy and a butch fight tho usually the guy always wins but they get cheer for fighting butch smh...like is it ok for a straight guy to fight butches? 
Tony TheTGR (3 years ago)
So it's exactly like every OTHER club out there, anyways. Spoiler alert, in case you've never been to one of THOSE either. You also forgot the loud drunk that's all "WOOOOOOO!!!" just because they're drunk, and they're only drunk so they can hear themselves "WOOOOOOOO!!!".
nyxxie023 (3 years ago)
Her friend looks like Eliza Dushku.
Lady Vampress (3 years ago)
Maybe cousin, but I see what you mean.
sky x (3 years ago)
Went to a gay bar with my best friend for our prom since prom is overrated. This video is on point some older women did grind on us that was something lol.

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