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Police cars chase cartoon for children kids story. Police cartoon for children - full episodes

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Police cars chase cartoon for children kids story. Police cartoon for children - full episodes - https://youtu.be/A3VRhE_gyCg ============ The link for the coloring pages: https://yadi.sk/i/056g3Q033HFvhV https://yadi.sk/i/RxRDXp173HFvGx ============ Andy: Hello my friends! Didn’t see for a long time! I’m going to a supermarket on my Hammer – my fridge is empty. I have nothing to cook for lunch. You can ask me why I’m using Hammer?! I’m using Hammer while my flying car is in the garage. It’s more convenient to use Hammer in the city than flying car. Let’s go! For example – you cannot fly to supermarket. There are always a lot of cars on the parking lot. But driving Hammer exact what we need – especially when I buy food for the whole week. I know for sure that I can put a lot of things in its big trunk. sees Emmy’s broken car Handy-Andy (nervous): What is that??? Why are there so many police cars…everything is blocked!//Some car crashed into a pole… (with a horror) Wait a minute! I know that car! That’s my friend Emmy’s car!!! // No way! Did she have a car crash??? Where is Emmy? Oh!!! I’m afraid!!! I cannot understand anything… feel dizzy… Can you explain to me , sir, why everything is fenced with a warning tape here?! Police officer: Hello Handy-Andy! There was a robbery in a supermarket couple of minutes ago. Thieves not only stole big sum of money but also capture the hostage. If I am not mistaken, that was your friend Emmy. (voice Emmy – to make sounds like you have a tape on your mouth - there will be a picture of Emmy in a van, she has a tape on her mouth) . Thieves took her to the unknown direction. Her pink Smart was damaged, when thieves were running away from us. Their van pushed Emmy’s car, and it crashed into a pole. Handy-Andy, very worried: What should we do? Did you announce the van wanted? We have to rescue Emmy! Police officer: We’ve already started the rescue operation! All police of the city is looking for that van! Everything is under control, Handy-Andy! Handy-Andy, nervous: I’m going with you! I cannot just sit and wait while Emmy is in a trouble! Police officer (on a radio): Calling all cars! Police cars are going to the different sides of the city to look for a thieves’ van.// Handy-Andy is coming with us in a yellow Hammer. He is going to help us to catch the thieves. Moreover he knows the girl that is captured. The other police officer (on a radio): First, first, I’m the second. I’m patrolling the sleeping area of the city. Don’t see the thieves yet…(saw the thieves van) Stop! I see the van! The green van! These are the thieves we are looking for. I’m following it! // the van is going through the bridge! I need help! (talking on a speaker, trying to make thieves stop) Green van wolksvagen, stop immediately! Repeat – stop immediately! (talking on a radio) Calling all cars! I need help to stop the van! Repeat – I need help! Handy-Andy (on a radio): I’m almost there! I’m going to intercept the van! I’ll try to stop it. Police officer (on a radio): Hurry up! Maybe you will be able to stop it! Handy-Andy (on a radio): The van abruptly turned to a side street! I’m following it! // Oh no! The thieves managed to escape! The railroad crossing is closed! Now I have to wait for the train to pass! // I have to figure out where the thieves went. We wasted a lot of time! Police officer (on a radio) : Calling all cars! We have to go separate again to find thieves! We cannot waste even a minute! Have to rescue Emmy! And arrest the thieves! Handy-Andy (on a radio): I’m going to the old dump trucks, and check there. Police officer (on a radio): Good, Handy-Andy! Then I’m going to check the nearest area! Keep in touch! Police officer (on a radio): Calling all cars! I don’t see the thieves car yet! I checked the sleeping area! Going further! Handy-Andy (on a radio): I’m coming to the old dump trucks. Police officer (on a radio): Be careful, Handy-Andy! The thieves are very dangerous! Handy-Andy (on a radio): Ok, sir! Handy-Andy: I don’t know why but I feel like I have to go to old dump trucks! I have to check it – in case the thieves hid between the old trucks! (disappointed) But I’m not sure...I can see only old cars here…I came here for nothing… (whispering) Wait a minute! Here are they! (a bit louder) Here is it! The thieves van! (surprised – Handy-Andy is sitting with open mouth) This is it, I’m sure! (on a radio, worried) Calling all cars! I need help immediately! This is Handy-Andy! I found the thieves van on the old dump trucks! Repeat – the van is found on the old dump trucks! Police officer (on a radio): Handy-Andy it’s First! I’ve got your massage! Coming! One more police officer (on a radio): Be careful, Handy-Andy! I will be there in a few minutes! Handy-Andy (on a radio, screaming worried): The thieves noticed me! Calling all cars! I start chasing them! Handy-Andy (on a radio, happy): You came just in time guys! We caught them!
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Did you call 911
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saya saman the best way
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