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Arpeggio Assault! Sweep picking + arpeggio/chord construction secrets - Weekend Wankshop 159

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www.facebook.com/unclebeneller twitter/instagram @BenEllerGuitars Skype lessons? email [email protected] Here on Weekend Wankshop 159, Uncle Ben Eller here is gonna drop an interstellar arpeggio assault on you all, plus a boat load of secrets and tips about sweep picking, muting, arpeggio and chord construction, and how to finally understand those pesky jazz chords, like minor 7 and Major 7's! It's all really simple if you just look at it the right way, and i intend to help you do just that. This arpeggio sequence follows a cool Am7, AbM7, Gm7, GbM7 progression, nice and proggy. Give it a shot! Playing my Ibanez RG3120TW with Suhr Aldrich pickups in it, through my Kemper Profiler. Thanks for watching and happy new year!!!
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Text Comments (106)
Pepe Le Piou (1 month ago)
are tabs available for this?
Pepe Le Piou (1 month ago)
nvm lol instagram it is!
cx777o (2 months ago)
Yo uncle ben can you do a video on how to improvise using ones own inner ear? For example how to translate a melody your hear in your head instantly to the guitar?
Who Died Wolf (3 months ago)
Thank you so much!!!!
Bob S. Stevenson (3 months ago)
pretty good but no frank gambale
Jason T. Aho (4 months ago)
I like the way you explain thinking intervallically, that makes sense, BUT, it's still gonna take some time for my brain to wrap around that and practically apply that thinking
Roland Lemus (4 months ago)
I suck at this, slow is difficult and fast is well, sucks....I am glad I don't have to do this to save my life lol...I will keep trying though.
JOHN NOEL (5 months ago)
Are you running delay and some reverb?
Bewolf Eusoubelwolf (6 months ago)
Honestly, thank you very much! You're the man
fateastray (7 months ago)
Hey Uncle Ben, I have my own way of holding the pick (no lessons urgh) and I had a lot of trouble with 'progressive palm muting', because my holding of the pick got in the way of that. My way of holding the pick does facilitate upward pickslanting a lot, and I've grown accustomed to picking like that. I'm not handy with changing the slant, but the upward pick slanting automatically adds a palm mute on the lower strings (lower than the string you hit). Thanks for the tips and directing me to Troy Grady's amazing research.
TheCrimsonIdol987 (8 months ago)
I needed this Uncle Ben! My trusty ol' major and minor sweep arpeggios are starting to sound a little tired, and major 7th and minor 7th arpeggios just sound so killer.
ElDuderino502 (10 months ago)
You'll want to set your metronome around 170bpm. Work your way up to it, anyway.
JygoMetal (10 months ago)
That Arpeggios Kinda sound like final fantasy
Anti Phase (10 months ago)
How can I set triplets on metronome? I have a hardware one (digital), but I don`t undesrtand how to set it up
Dennis Curtis (10 months ago)
Cant wait to practice these on my new RG 752AHM coming in two weeks !! thanks as always for the vids ! happy new year uncle ben!
JJ CHAVA (10 months ago)
"Step dad speed" hahaha too funny, keep up the good work man
David Flint (10 months ago)
Ronnie Coffey (10 months ago)
Dude how guitars do you have ? good lesson, Thx again
Rob A (10 months ago)
Still swooning on the Dimarzio Gravity Storm in the neck?
Ben Eller (9 months ago)
Rob A totally!
Eistea1 (10 months ago)
Is there actually any harmonic chord progression concept behind this? Because it doesn't seem to make up a scale thats usable to me if you combine the single chord tones I can only recognize a chord progression that seems to switch in chromatic steps between minor/major tonality arpeggios Is there some sort of specific idea / known concept behind this?
ElDuderino502 (10 months ago)
This is more difficult than I'd anticipated I like a challenge.
pigpen4483 (10 months ago)
Uncle Ben playing the cat game @ 3:43 LOL
Cheezeh (10 months ago)
reminds me of the sweeps in the faceless song emancipate. good stuff! thanks uncle ben!
Joel van Heteren (10 months ago)
Thx man!!!!!!!!! Awesoooome! Im a Blues guitar player for 24 years trying to sweep just recently. Got it down at slow speed! Made a little intro out of it, now practicing !!!
Niranjan R Kumar (10 months ago)
Awesome bro !!! I had a question!! I'm using 11-49 on my schecter c1 plus... Do I need to file the nut to fit 13-62 guage strings for a# or drop a tuning ? Or can I use it just like that ? Cheers and merry Christmas!!!
Unomi Koshari (10 months ago)
This is my favorite lick you've ever showed us. Thanks man!
Joel Harrison (10 months ago)
You are epic
Dr. H (10 months ago)
Nate Breidenbaugh (10 months ago)
When you say it needs to be played over the “right” chords, of course my jazz- playing mind says: “define ‘right.’” :)
Unomi Koshari (10 months ago)
Nate Breidenbaugh My thrash metal playing mind says "Ask me if I give a fuck if it's right"
fazeel ashraf (10 months ago)
This isn't in any particular key right?
GarrettX001 (10 months ago)
Holy Shit!
UpTheIrons (10 months ago)
Love that prestige. Love mine even more.
WAR DESU (10 months ago)
i just liked the video because of those sweet af sweeped arps. :P
THSBIAJKK (10 months ago)
Mr. Rogersy?
Chasing Sound (10 months ago)
This is flippin awesome. Love the sound of those arpeggios
Peter Cast (10 months ago)
Awesome stuff!!!
Johnny Whittenberg (10 months ago)
Wow Ben! You have like one of the first Line 6 amps made circa 1995. I used to have one.
fazeel ashraf (10 months ago)
Really spooky
fazeel ashraf (10 months ago)
Silky smooth playing
Devin (10 months ago)
These are really cool, I'm stealing those thanks, also as someone who primarily wrists sweeps tried your shoulder motion feels like riding a bike blindfolded. And lastly so you've changed your stance on slanting while sweeping from the first video.
Tibor Várady (10 months ago)
Cynic. You said Cynic. I love Cynic. Cynic is great. Ben is great.
Gavin Juge (10 months ago)
How do you avoid unwanted noise when playing these arpeggios? I can't seem to get them as clean as that
Dissonant Timbres (10 months ago)
Use less gain.
Rationalysis (10 months ago)
If your pickups are too hot it may be difficult no matter what. Try sweeping on the neck pickup first, then progress to the bridge.
theTYTAN3 (10 months ago)
GebbJewj112 watch this is why you suck at guitar: your sweep picking sucks.
Evil In Your Closet (10 months ago)
O_O This is how you get chicks, isnt it? ;-)
Christoph Wacker (10 months ago)
Nice Arpeggios!
lolman5312 (10 months ago)
you should have put a FACE MELTING ZONE WARNING in the beginning
Wenxing Wang (10 months ago)
Nothing better than good ol' uncle Ben teaching you how to get chicks all over the galaxy before Christmas!
Joel Moore (10 months ago)
The top on the prestige is gnarly.
Mark Bayfield (10 months ago)
Love it!
VX84 (10 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful phrasing.
Bill Knott (10 months ago)
Great lesson. Thanks Dad
staxbodies78 (10 months ago)
Thanks for another lesson Uncle Ben I also use your ideas and pretend they're mine ideas. Thanks for making me look cool to my friends LOL hails
Sovereign Sentience (10 months ago)
3:42 lol Ben Farva reporting for duty sir .
Todd Anthony (10 months ago)
Hey Uncle Ben, Love the tone you produce! Can you tell me what amp/cab/effects/ and settings you use to achieve it? Thanks!
Todd Anthony (10 months ago)
Thanks Ben. I'm using Fractal Audio system and was just curious as to what amp and effects you use for modeling with the Kemper unit?
Ben Eller (10 months ago)
Todd Anthony thanks man! I use the kemper profiler for everything. Amazing amp. Using a Matrix power amp and Avatar 2x12 cabinet.
Bill Hesse (10 months ago)
Maybe an idea for for this is why you suck at guitar: This is why your tone sucks!
Bill Hesse (10 months ago)
If only someone would compile the IG lessons and create an archive called the Uncle Ben Wank-Foundry
Bill Hesse (10 months ago)
I love doing arpeggio progressions like these that have that interstellar sound!
ahfakme (10 months ago)
I think showing them the basic theory behind these chords will allow them to build their chordal intuition. Maybe just say what the note is, where the note is on the fretboard, and how that relates to the scale intervalically. Explaining things from different modes of thinking creates a well rounded concept in their minds. Just a suggestion. I still love your videos.
Scott Schaffer (10 months ago)
Thanks uncle ben!
Chris Davies (10 months ago)
The notes I can do, it's the speed I can't handle. Any tips on building up your speed, other than repetition that is? Another excellent lesson btw, thank you for sharing. About your comment about trying 2 and 3 string arpeggios first? How about a post on that as well please?
Brian J (10 months ago)
Chris Davies you build speed the same way as you would any lick,slowly and with tens of thousands of perfectly executed repetitions. There's no quick, easy,fast way to learn.
staxbodies78 (10 months ago)
Chris Davies use a metronome my man. And if you're having problems doing full 5-string sweep arpeggios try cutting it in half and work on Parts at a time. It's easier to sweep pick fast then it is to go slow then try to pick up your speed. I'm no expert but these are little tricks I use to help me do this. I've been playing guitar for 4 years and I actually find sweep picking quite easy
Toby K. (10 months ago)
I think this is one of my favorite licks from the wankshop! Plus i'll take any tasty sweep arpeggio exercise I can :D
Toby K. (10 months ago)
icq8680 oh man I love that song. You’re right I just noticed how this is sorta similar to that sweep section towards the end. Still a fucking epic song
icq8680 (10 months ago)
the final part especially
icq8680 (10 months ago)
check out protest the hero - sequoia throne then
Joseph Jordan (10 months ago)
Uncle ben iv been meaning to ask you here lately I'm beginner guitar player the only time iv practice was with a friend's guitar and iv been trying to find the right gear for a beginner what should I start with or just some pointers with the gear because I really don't want to buy all this expensive gear and not know how to use it.
Joseph Jordan (10 months ago)
jaychen.metal alright I'll keep that in mind
jaychen.metal (10 months ago)
I paid $350 for the ltd in my pic. You can stay under $600 and still get a good guitar. Make sure strings dont rattle alot and they're fairly close to the frets and there are no dead spots.
Joseph Jordan (10 months ago)
jaychen.metal thank you for that I went to guitar center and they just tried to sell me really expensive gear without telling me anything about it and I figured I'd come to youtube and ask about it and some people would give me some tips.
jaychen.metal (10 months ago)
Joseph Jordan esp ltd guitar, blackstar tvp 60 amp
Boudewijn Verduin (10 months ago)
Instructions not clear I ended up burning my mom alive and sweeping up her dust instead of sweeping these sweet arpeggios...
Ben Osborn (10 months ago)
What about a "This is why you suck at guitar: your tone sucks!". Thatd be cool. Also thanks for the lesson!
Vincent Ippolito (10 months ago)
First run RG3120TW.. Nice! Love the black & cream pickup scheme and the Ultex picks too. Killer content as usual, man!
Bunk Tastic (10 months ago)
You make it easy for me to understand!
Shadex (10 months ago)
Music! (10 months ago)
Hi Ben. What about the pick slanting on the way up of the arpeggio you didn't do it on these ,wondering why?
Music! (10 months ago)
Cool Thanks .. My bad.
Ben Eller (10 months ago)
Ibanezguitars sure I did!!! Later in the video I talk about the "paint brush picking" thing.
fateastray (10 months ago)
The shapes reminds of the shapes in Jason Becker's Serrana
Omar Syed (10 months ago)
Whoever downvoted this is a troll
fromthedeserts (10 months ago)
sounds like something devin townsend would play
naruto00nix (10 months ago)
in 200 years i might be good enough for this lesson to apply to me :D
brine ryte (10 months ago)
If you spend only 8 minutes a day practicing, this might be true. It's been said that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. That's like an hour a day for 30 years. I recall Billy Corgan once stating that he would lock himself in his room and practice for 6 hours a day. By that math it should have taken him 5 - 10 years to master his skill (I believe he started playing while still in high school). Gish was released in 91, when he was 24. I'd bet he had already "mastered" the skill by then. Constructive practice, patience, and enjoyment are really all you need! ..Oh, and a guitar with newish strings that are in tune ;) Good luck!
19LapisLazuli (10 months ago)
naruto00nix 5 - 10 if you're devoted
Anthony Stark (10 months ago)
If learning them won't help me get you then I'm not interested :(
Anthony Stark (10 months ago)
So you're saying there is a chance! *hopefully you've seen dumb and dumber*
Music! (10 months ago)
Bell Eller ,Was wondering if you got my email. for lessons?
Ben Eller (10 months ago)
Anthony Stark I mean, I definitely won't hurt your odds
metalheadblues (10 months ago)
Scott O'Doherty (10 months ago)
I know what I'm practicing this week
Scott O'Doherty (10 months ago)
I was planning the interstellar sweep assault, however now I think I'll just practice pentatonic licks..
373562438 (10 months ago)
Scott O'Doherty what are you practicing this week?
TheGuitar Person (10 months ago)
Your lessons are probably some of the best on Youtube, Uncle Ben. As much fun as I'm having with shredding and riffing, could you maybe do some more theory lessons? Maybe an episode on harmony and intervals? It would be very much appreciated, by most everyone here I think.
felix o gaitero (10 months ago)
Can't play that but guitar looks sweet boi
This Space For Rent (10 months ago)
Ben Eller (10 months ago)
This Space For Rent what?!
Charlie Kapp (10 months ago)
Damn man... you're liquid smooth!!

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