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Fire & Ice - Cartoon Movie In English

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In this animated tale, a tiny village is destroyed by a surging glacier, which serves as the deadly domain for the evil Ice Lord, Nekron. The only survivor is a young warrior, Larn, who vows to avenge this act of destruction. The evil continues, however, as Nekron's palace of ice heads straight towards Fire Keep, the great fortress ruled by the good King Jarol. When Jarol's beautiful daughter, Teegra, is abducted by Nekron's sub-human ape-like creatures, Larn begins a daring search for her. What results is a tense battle between good and evil, surrounded by the mystical elements of the ancient past. The evil ice lord Nekron and his mother Juliana seek to conquer the known world, ravaging the land and all people in their way with their ice glacier as they approach Fire Keep, a volcanic kingdom and the last stronghold against them. Juliana's sub-human ape men kidnap King Jarol's daughter, the beautiful virgin Princess Teegra, prompting the young warrior Larn, last a tribe killed by Nekron and his forces, to go on a desperate quest for her. Larn's only ally is the mysterious warrior Darkwolf. Action Tadka India:The one stop for the latest on Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood and Mollywood Upcoming Bollywood Films,South Dubbed,New Released Hindi Movies, Hollwood Dubbed Movies and a host of other Spicy videos - Movies for you to entertain 24 hours. Be it the latest updated movies, free mobile, new song, watching new film, old superhit movie, and all in an endless thread of entertainment in our youtube list. Action Tadka India, free online streaming is just a click away from your mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop and phablet with multiple file formats for all devices. From horror, comedy, family, crime, drama, fantasy, mystery, history, sci-fi, thriller, western to any new trend we have uploaded it all. Like * Comment * Share Your One Stop Destination For All The Latest Videos"Subscribe Now "for Upcoming Movies: https://www.youtube.com/user/ActionTadkaIndia/videos
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Text Comments (1278)
Joseph van Wyk (1 hour ago)
When cartoons had adult themes for children. Today we PC our cartoons and kids grow up self-entitled.
Роман Енин (3 hours ago)
Тигре нужно было хватать ледяного за яичка и в себя совать. такая деваха кого хочешь согреет и заведет
This should be a full length movie or Show like G.O.T
Zira Spider (1 day ago)
Nekron is just so relatable!!!
Brittaney Thomas (2 days ago)
Damn Larn's good looking
Terry Tracy (2 days ago)
always reminds me of sitting in Barracks on off time watching this animated movie. Was so into Frank Frazetta's art . One of best fight scenes at 42:59 barbarian and his axe.
BigBlack (3 days ago)
They burned down an entire forest with no further warning to the inhabitants.....
BigBlack (3 days ago)
like...."fuck it! we gonna release this lava"
Steven B (3 days ago)
So looking through the comments and I see a lot of mention of Ralph Bakshi but am I crazy or is a lot of this very much inspired by if not straight copied from Frank Frazetta?
NotoriousNoe (5 days ago)
I thought the milf witch was hotter. I tend to prefer the goth chicks 💜🖤🦇💀
Daakusutepsu1 (5 days ago)
I loved this movie when it came out, but now I can't believe I ever liked it. Still love Frank Frazetta, but Ralph Bakshi ruins everything. And I always hated rotoscoping.
J H (6 days ago)
Yes, I thought I recognized the voice of Queen Juliana, it's the awesome Susan Tyrrell!
Jaka Utama (7 days ago)
Timothy Von Varella (7 days ago)
Princess face looks like a fat hooker the blonde that was with the cave men before the whole tree climb scene was way better looking and I don't even like blondes.
Llama (7 days ago)
jangus894 (7 days ago)
I still have my copy on VHS!! classic ralph bakshi Awesomeness
Lamarr Avery (8 days ago)
How is this not released on DVD? This is a masterpiece of ass. Lol.
Chris Ledet (8 days ago)
I'd like to give my personal thanks to to you for putting this video on cuz I've always wanted to see this movie and because of you I have the opportunity thank you
잉엥웅옹잉 (9 days ago)
Tluanga Tl (9 days ago)
Denis Ninni (9 days ago)
Strano che tutti quegli ominidi non abbiano abusato di lei
Tombstonecross (9 days ago)
49:21 Shit`s going real
awesome possum (9 days ago)
Why is everyone so muscular
Edel uddin (10 days ago)
game of thrones south continent version
Genius Loci (10 days ago)
God, this movie is so bad in so many ways🤣 But super nice animation! Even it is rotoscoped.
Dominic H (11 days ago)
@4:00 the Antarctic ice wall going up around flat earth...
kelvin knutson (11 days ago)
guy in the purple at the beginning looked like me last night on the toilet after eating Mexican food
TMGPREZ (12 days ago)
Ralph Bakshi & Frank Frazetta (Two Great Artists Create A Masterpiece)
DeadLeaFMoth (12 days ago)
I'd forgotten that this has the most ill-fitting music
Sean Phillips (12 days ago)
Necron turned down a Frazetta babe, lol.
Ross Payne (12 days ago)
2019. thanks man
Aleada Siragusa (12 days ago)
Thomas Kinkade and James Gurney created 1,400 background cells for Fire and Ice as environment artists! A beautiful animated movie!
Pejelo (12 days ago)
And then All fucked. 6/10. This doesn't makes fucking sense after that big fucking nut.
Groteskfull (14 days ago)
Not a bad flick. Sorta reminds me of Heavy Metal. All that bare skin was nice lol.. Pants are overrated 😎
asylumaxle (14 days ago)
I did a body count to this movie once, and if memory serves, went well into the triple digits. (And that's only the deaths you visibly see!!!) Full on KIIIIIIIILLLL FRENZY!!!!!
T'Challa great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather tho
ARMED DEFENSE (16 days ago)
1:16:46 nice arse
regeim (17 days ago)
Didn't know Rexxar had a movie
ChamaChama (17 days ago)
Starts @ 2:30
blogusvox (18 days ago)
After the "Ice Age" you say? Was it during the receding glacier or millions of years after that? That's because, I don't think bronze or iron swords were manufactured then.
JohnWorden (21 days ago)
Still have the VHS...
Drunk Squirrel (22 days ago)
Ahhh when Feminism didn't exist.... good times
Howard Pearcey (21 days ago)
There are enough epic fantasy female warriors out there to disappoint your misogynistic dreams.
Eric Locke (22 days ago)
Still a good movie after all these years.
Wilhelm Hesse (23 days ago)
OK the following must be taken note of: the Lord Necron has a striking resemblance to Game Of Throne's Night King and there is no denying that this storyline influenced Martin's "A Song of Fire and Ice" in one way or the other. Also really looks like Conan artist the great Frank Frazetta had alot of influence on this.
QueenOfUnimatrixZero (24 days ago)
16 ads in a movie you have no rights on? Really?
King Lupus (24 days ago)
I am not a thief.This is true, by using violence and force you are now classified as a robber at this point.
Darrin Ujlaky (25 days ago)
Ralph's best movie, in my opinion. Great anime,cool story and characters!
Dackerman (25 days ago)
10:25 Why do I get the feeling this is only one of many times there will be awkward ass moments?
sexgod6909 (25 days ago)
Damn!! Thought it was gonna be a porno!!!
Kathy Firli (18 days ago)
37:43 Batman‘s so nice to him
Kathy Firli (18 days ago)
49:03 duuuude...
Brett Forsyth (26 days ago)
Wow, the animation is so life-like!
Makes me want to stay in an ice hotel in Scandinavia. Awesome art.
Andres b (29 days ago)
cow jazz (1 month ago)
fantastic action!
dr nick riviera (1 month ago)
2019 what a gem of movie ;(
Ghost Wolf (1 month ago)
Movements are too human. Awesome animation!
flacka money (1 month ago)
Necron a bitch always using his powers and finally got slice at the end
Rocky Lopez (1 month ago)
2019 and still an awesome movie, thank you, Ralph Bakshi!📽📽
jimbo3356 (1 month ago)
alright admit it. how many of us liked this movie as teens because of the smoking hot girl in the purple lingerie? >=P
Jim Karnes (1 month ago)
Great animated films lost in time.I'm enjoying it mostly..
Ronald Marcano (1 month ago)
Was there a theme to this?
Al Baba (1 month ago)
What a greedy little person you must be to include all these rotten ads!!!!!🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽🐽🐽🐽💩💩💩💩💩
Kevin Park (1 month ago)
ZeroHxC07 (1 month ago)
This movie should have been called Titties and Arse
tylercawood (1 month ago)
Who's here because of liquid stranger and space jesus?
Mr. Christopher (1 month ago)
Space Jesus brought me here. *I NEED THE DRAGONHAWKS* 1:07:50
Tea Graines (1 month ago)
Perky Bellsprout (1 month ago)
bet that pussy would be fire
Ben McGarity (1 month ago)
51:50 avenge me... Avvveenngee miiiaaarrghjncbgdjm
futarihime enigma (1 month ago)
100% Planet of the apes and400% naked and afraid
Liberty Tree (1 month ago)
I was so terrified the first time I saw this movie because of the way necron’s soldiers looked like they would jump off the screen and grab me .
jason m (1 month ago)
Observations of the first 5 minutes.... Ok I like the hand drawn everything...... Is he orgasming ice? The fuck?
Macarthur BlueBack (1 month ago)
Frazetta! Dude!
Jason Todd (1 month ago)
Don't fuck with White people.
Aesthetics • (13 days ago)
Well they're fuc*ed already..
Thom Robitaille (1 month ago)
Though mostly rotoscoped, the artwork is inspired by and much is done by the great Frank Frazzetta. When you think of the classic Tarzan comics, you're thinking of Frazzetta. Google his artwork, it's distinctive and fantastic.
Saper (1 month ago)
How did you manage to upload this video? This film is blocked across the world.
Aesthetics • (13 days ago)
Why ?
Earl Vincoy (1 month ago)
My friend telling me the girls cute and dosent want to talk to her 49:00
B Dong (1 month ago)
The movie says "pg" on IMDB.....lol
LostInPA (1 month ago)
This movie is serious homo Lolololzz
benjovi55 (1 month ago)
In case you ever have to run for your life in the jungle, make sure you have more than underwear on.
SuzhouJoe (1 month ago)
Good animation took me over 30 years to finally watch it and was not disappointed reminds me of Heavy Metal and The Hobbit when I watched them on VHS and live movies of Conan all of them great fantasy adventures. I always wished someone would make a live version of Thundarr the Barbarian that would be cool if it was done right.
GoodOleUltraviolence (1 month ago)
lawd that woman
Idontcare_626 (1 month ago)
Wow, pretty racy for 1983.
Dirty D's RC (1 month ago)
Soo good in so many ways. This has RPG written all over it. Must find a VHF of this movie.
30:01 What tha fuck was that????
17:10 to 17:14 Giggity!
Keith Clarke (1 month ago)
Princess Teegra has a very beautiful and sexy ripe desirable body, and I especially love the outfit that she is wearing.
Arr Ziz (1 month ago)
Pity that this having been made in the 80's it's one of the few attempts that American animation every really made at serious adult animation mainly relying on it's own merits before it became necessary to have to learn serious action animation from an 'outside source' like Japan. I'm *not* saying that anime is terrible-- what I am saying that only having ever really thought that adult animation would mean off-collar quasi-politicized satire is a *major* missed opportunity in terms of possibilities for animation being appreciated and accepted as a valid art form irregardless of audience ages. 'Loving Vincent' sure showed that animation (albeit a laborious and highly meticulous kind) can be used to tell a story which is still meaningful. How much more, if the action many crave to see could be expressed that way as well in Western animation?; Frank Frazetta was involved.
Hero Within (1 month ago)
dat ass..👍👍👍
Cergei L (1 month ago)
Жопа у неё секси. Сейчас бы фемки забанили этот мультик
valih0n (2 months ago)
53:35 mgtow moment
Rick Elias (2 months ago)
Animation at it's best.
ladyraven30 (2 months ago)
Ralph Bakshi is and always will be...THE MAN
Stephen Isaac (2 months ago)
I kinda wish teegra would have the venom symbiote, then she would have become she-venom and kill the subhumans easily.
Stephen Isaac (2 months ago)
That sub-human at 26:22, he was the one who threw teegra in the water and accidentally allowed her to escape.
Darren Bauer (2 months ago)
When they shave their chests. But then wear fur underpants.
joseph crosby mecham (2 months ago)
Frank sure knew how to draw them. These were the days before that blabbermouth Victoria lied to all the fat girls about what the "secret" was.
JeremiahDB (2 months ago)
Wonder if the character with the dark mask was the inspiration for Rexxar in WarCraft.
classy sassy (2 months ago)
Yawn lol what is it even about ?" Why is she the main character if she is not wanted lol this has nothing to do with batman shut the hell up
Sarim Shah (2 months ago)
Well... like if you didn’t really get what you came for

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